Mark Dilliway – Psychic Entertainer

Spirit Theatre and Oracle Readings


What can you expect when booking my fun and informative services?

Rider waite tarot cards
The ‘standard’ Rider Waite deck

I am a psychic entertainer and offer the following services:

Psychic readings:  You can book me to deliver psychic readings through the Tarot, Runes, Palms and a selection of other oracle methods not usually offered by other readers, i.e. Mexican Day of the Dead card readings, etc.  With regard to the Tarot I offer readings with different decks to suit all sitters.  For example, the mainstay readings are with the Rider Waite deck, which will be very familiar to most people, as this is the deck often seen in film and TV programmes.  If a deeper, more occult reading is required, I would then use the Thoth deck, which is not so familiar, but provides a much deeper, esoteric message.  For those who would prefer something much lighter in content, then you will be pleased to note that I am a Certified ‘Doreen Virtue’ Angel Card Reader.  These cards provide a much more relaxed (but equally effective) reading, whereby the sitter can get messages from the Angels (These readings include the Archangel Tarot, and Angel Oracle cards etc).

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or to book please visit my commercial retail site at Tarot & Seance services

Themed Psychic Parties:  Psychic parties make for a highly entertaining and different way to entertain your guests for an evening.  They are always subject to your requirements and normally include the following:

  • An introduction to the evenings theme – a short presentation to set the evening up e.g. Jack the Ripper
  • Some warm-up psychic exercises using various tools of the psychic trade.  e.g. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) card reading.
  • A session on pendulums – everyone will get an opportunity during the evening to try their hand at pendulum dowsing.
  • A member of the audience will experience a past life regression session.
  • The audience will experience a ‘Talking Board’ or Ouija session (only if this fits in with your requirements) –  This is a fun and very informative session.
  • A seance held around the basic theme of the evening.  e.g The Ghosts of Borley etc.
  • To close the evenings events there will be a discussion around the activities that have occurred and then an opportunity for you and your guests to have a short reading of your choice i.e. Tarot, Palmistry, Runes etc.

The psychic parties are designed to be spooky and fun.  You are completely safe, and will be the talk of your friends post event!

They can be held within the comfort of your own home, or as a pre-booked event at a location of your choosing (subject to an extra cost and venue availability).

These events have been held in local pubs and have attracted more business on those quiet nights.