Mark Dilliway – Psychic Entertainer

Spirit Theatre and Oracle Readings


My latest project is the Witches of Wales lecture combined with a further evening of seance performance.

I have been interested in Witchcraft for many years and was of the opinion of many that witches were, on the whole, evil creatures of the night, casting spells to do someone harm and worshiping the Devil.

Although history tells us of some of that particular stereotype, nothing could be further from the truth.  In many, many cases the women (and occasionally men) were subject to neighbourly feuds, loners or just old and wise.  But 1664, at the height of the English Civil War the likes of Matthew Hopkins, self proclaimed ‘Witch-Finder-General’ these individuals were made the subject of a fierce hunt to ensure that they faced justice.  This justice was normally meted out over many days and weeks before they were put to death in some of the most horrifying ways known to mankind at that time.

It is now very well known that Matthew Hopkins, a native of Lincolnshire, but settling in the Witch capital of the then known world, Essex, was in fact a failed student of law, whom it would seem was too scared to take up arms and a side and fight in the war.  He and his side-kick John Stearne instead traveled the highways and byways of East Anglia, looking for their next ‘Witch’.  Of course for every witch found there was a bounty to be paid.

During this time of civil unrest Wales was different from the rest of the the UK.  For, before the dawn of time the Druids had made good their magic and mystical ways.  Wales was always known as a place of mystery, and although witchcraft was, and still does thrive, in the known history of witchcraft, only three Welsh Witches were known to have been punished by death, and this occurred after a trail at an assizes in England.  This said, Druids were the original Shamen, warlocks and witches!

This program of events will feature a lecture finishing with a seance.  Can we contact the restless spirits of those persecuted and innocent victims of the the witch craze that swept through Europe in the 17th Century?  Can we make contact with the mysterious forefathers of Witchcraft, the Druids?  Will the spirit of the Witch-finder-General, Matthew Hopkins make his presence known? Please come along and join me on a journey of discovery when we shall attempt to psychically travel back to a time when the country lived in fear of Witches!!

Please come back soon when the dates for this not to be missed lecture and seance will be announced!