Mark Dilliway – Psychic Entertainer

Spirit Theatre and Oracle Readings

Apart from the Psychic theatre shows that I perform, I also  conduct a number of oracle readings.  This is a short vignette on the first of those.  The Tarot.

“A simple pack of cards  –  A powerful tool for divination”

The Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards known as the Arcana.  There are 22 major cards and 56 minor ones.  The mysteries are often heavily decorated with drawings, rich in symbolism, and are arranged as if in a game.  This is somehow quite true, as it recounts and weaves the story of the current situation in your life’s path.

There are many different ways that the cards can be ‘spread’, and I use a little known one, that is very, very accurate.

I have a huge range of cards, and depending upon the sitter will decide upon which deck is used.  My personal favourite is the Thoth deck, rich in occult symbolism, which provides an extraordinary deep reading.  In general use is what is known as the ‘Rider Waite’ deck, which most people will be familiar with (often seen in horror films etc.),  and has the familiar designs of a bygone medieval era.

I am also a certified Angel Card reader, as provided by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  Again, although well known, the readings are very powerful.

Please contact me via the ‘contacts’ tab if you require a reading or would like some further information.

Up next, a very little used system of divination known as ‘The Mexican Day of the Dead cards’.

Stay tuned to find out more.