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My name is Mark Dilliway, and after witnessing a significant paranormal event at the age of 9, I have been interested in everything to do with the paranormal and occult.

For the uninitiated, the occult means ‘secret knowledge’ i.e. knowledge that was shared between like minded groups of people, who wanted to learn about esoteric matters that were not readily available in scripture, ancient written material and information passed down through word of mouth, and is known to have been around in the times of the Ancient Greeks, and beyond.

From the age of 16 I put (what some people referred to as morbid) interests on hold and joined the London Police as a young Police Cadet, eventually become a constable in central London, which just happens to be one of the most haunted cities in the world.  During rare quiet moments on a night shift, I would talk to officers who were much older than me, and listen to their experiences of the ‘unexplained’ with sheer awe.  I recall being told of an incident that occurred in the early 1950’s where two young constables met up in a very, very old alleyway to have a sneaky cigarette and a quick chat to while away a particularly quiet shift.  They knew that getting caught by the duty sergeant was pretty slim, but they would keep their ears to the ground, as any footsteps would be heard and they could quickly make good their escape! The alleyway they had chosen to use was known as a blind gulley, i.e. it just joined two small streets, with no other turning or access to any other building etc.  They were aware that there were large ancient wrought iron gates at either end, which were not secured in any way.  Unbeknownst to them the gate by which they were standing close to was the entrance to an ancient graveyard, long since built over by what was then a very cosmopolitan and new London.  Suddenly they heard heavy footsteps approaching them with purpose.  At that early hour of the morning it could only be one person, the Duty Sergeant on his patrols.  They quickly extinguished their Woodbine cigarettes and mad a hasty dash for the gated entrance.  Before they made it, the footsteps got louder, and to their utter amazement, they turned to see that no physical person was approaching,, just the sound of the heavy footfall, and without warning or notice one of the constables was punched by an unseen hand under the chin, and launched off of his feet, and onto his back.  The footsteps then continued past them and an invisible hand violently slammed the gate closed.

The officer who had been struck had been injured quite badly, and they made a brave decision (for during that period of time their credibility and potentially their jobs may be on the line) to inform their supervisory officers about the incident.  Nothing more came of this incident, and at least one of them went on to become a Superintendent, in charge of the police station which he had initially reported the incident to!

I knew this man personally, and it struck me that such an honorable man would never have made the story up, as stated above, their whole reputation was on the line.

I visited this location (which still exists today) on many an occasion, and although I never witnessed anything there, it certainly had an extremely foreboding atmosphere.

Again, I was hooked, and when off duty (and fortunate enough to live within the confines of the City), I made it my life’s pursuit to visit as many of those ancient and haunted places as I could in a career that spanned 30 years.

When booking me for your event, I will detail more of those experiences and exploits!

I then started learning both modern and much older divinatory reading systems as I grew a bit older, and now am pleased to offer you the benefit of my studies with Tarot, Palmistry, Runes, Astrology and Mexican Day of the Dead card readings, as well as helping you with pendulum readings etc.  To book a personal reading in the Carmarthenshire area (at your own premises) you can  contact me via

I am now taking on readings via Skype, at the same tariff as my personal one-to-one readings, you my book an appointment by contacting me at my Facebook page